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    Death Valley National Park, Nevada

    Death Valley National Park

    Death Valley National Park

    Death Valley National Park is the name given to the combination of nature’s beauty and prejudice history. This Park is situated in the land line of California and Nevada. Coffin Peaks, Funeral Mountains, Dead man pass and starvation canyon is just all you’ll find in the valley national park which has a dead man history behind it but after all the scary coffins and demons dreams attached, it is still the craziest place which excites the tourists all over the world. The Park is around 130 miles long but only around 12.4 miles wide in area. It is largely on the unpopulated country of desert plains and on the rock edge of the east of Sierra Nevada Mountains.

    Death Valley National Park is mainly the park with high sores of nature and spirited ambience that allows you to feel the next side of you rather adventure. By visiting this place you can experience the nature very closely and auspiciously. Thus, to visit the Death Valley National Park can be reached at the below address.


    Death Valley National Park
    P.O. Box 579
    Death Valley, California 92328
    Visitor Information
    (760) 786-3200
    Commercial Permits
    (760) 786-3241

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