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    Lake Tahoe Water Adventure

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    Lake Tahoe Adventures

    Water adventure at Lake Tahoe has something really special to do with enjoyment whether it is fly fishing or sailing on the gorgeous Emerald Bay. It is a superb place to enjoy water sports. There’s also a special week organized every year as a Tahoe river festival to celebrate the glory of adventure this year. This lake has been named as the ‘Jewel of the Sierra’ because of the adventurous majesty of this lake. Lake Tahoe is famous as a fishing destination, skiing, white water rafting, paddling, sailing and many more exciting adventurous sports.

    Apart from all white water is a fresh water that emblems the pure aquatic life. Scuba diving enthusiast finds this a perfect place to dive in the fresh water and viewing the aquatic life from close. It is an ultimate outdoor water fun at Lake Tahoe.

    For Adults: $115
    For Children: $95
    Inclusive of Lunch meals.

    Tahoe White water Tours
    Phone: 530-581-2441

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