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    Fishing this fall

    Fishing this fall

    Fishing this fall

    Fishing can be a fun experience. Whether you are already into fishing or want to try it out for the first time, this fall can be the right time for you. In late September and October when the water temperature starts to fall and the wind feels crisp and clean, you can enjoy some exceptional fishing experience.

    You can go to Lake Lahotan, A man made lake on the Carson river. This place is fifty miles away from Reno and you can expect to catch some Trout, Wipers, Crappie and White Bass in this lake. If you would rather stay a little closer to Reno, you can visit Pyramid lake which is some thirty eight miles away. Lahaton Cutthroat Trout and Sacramento Perch are the main fish types. Or you can choose to go to walker lake, which s a jewel of the desert. Lahaton Cutthroat Trout is the main fish here. About 130 miles from Reno. The extra distance you have to travel can be compensated by the phenomenal beauty of this lake.

    $100 per person, half day. Minimum two people
    $150 per person, full day. Minimum three people.