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    Lost city museum of Nevada

    Lost city museum

    Lost city museum

    In the south of Overton there is the Lost City Museum of Nevada. This museum showcases a huge collection of Virgin Anasazi artifacts. It is a nice collection of ancient history and remarkable work of art.

    Anasazi is an ancient culture of people in the southwest area of present United States. They are well known for their artistic pottery work and unique construction style. The National Park USA has a sandstone dwelling they used to built and famous for, that is one of the best preserved ones. Their villages were called pueblos. The access was possible through rock climbing or ropes.

    Archaeologists try to understand the city and the cultures form the things these people left behind from their daily activities. They found the human remains, the constructions of dwelling, some tools mainly made of stone, the vessels. A lot can be told from these about the things they used everyday. Their lifestyle and physical aspects. But what is difficult to find out is the non physical descriptions. The language they used to speak, their belief, their behaviour and religion are very difficult to understand, if possible at all.

    This museum preserves all the items that were found and tells us many stories about this culture.

    Hours-8:30 Am- 4:30 PM
    Entry fee- $3

    Contact Information
    Lost City Museum
    721 S. Hwy 169
    Overton, NV 89040
    Phone- (702)397-2193
    Fax- (702)397-8987
    For more information visit here

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