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    Super Run car show Nevada

    Super Run Car Show

    Super Run Car Show

    The last week of this September you have to join the crowd in downtown Henderson, just a little away from Las Vegas. Specially if you area car enthusiast this is one event you cannot miss. Everyone will bring their classic and vintage cars to put up a show. Whether it is a street car, hot or street rod, muscle car or any other custom made car, it can be a part of the exhibition. If you don’t have your own, enjoy what others have to share.

    Participants will receive lots of goodies like caps and dash plaques. There will be other entertainment especially for the visitors who are not participating with their vehicle. Some featured guests or entertainers you can expect to see are the Doublewide Rockability Group, Altered Ego who will perform live on stage and also the Grass Roots.

    If you are into trivia questions and that sort of games, you can win some prizes. Just get the closest correct answer and you are sure to win a prize. Or maybe a quick hand of poker. If you are here only for the cars check out the Roaring engine competitions, Burn-out contests and the slow drag race. Whatever your choice is, you will not be disappointed.

    Contact Information
    Super Run 2008
    7540 Ullom Drive
    Las Vegas, NV 89139

    For more information visit here

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