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    White water rafting

    White Water Rafting

    White Water Rafting

    If you are planning for a getaway for two days or ten, white water rafting in the Grand Canyon can be your answer. It is fun, it is challenging and it is exciting. You can tour the whole canyon, or the upper, middle or lower part of it, depending on you time and budget. But whichever option you pick, it will be worth your investment that’s for sure.

    Different types of boats are used. You can pick from J-rig or S-rig, which are basically same thing, different sizes. They are inflatable pontoons connected by a frame usually 30+ feet in length.

    If your trip is in the day you will need different packaging than the overnight trips. If you can afford time wise, overnight trips can be much more fun and a whole new experience.

    All kind of rafting requires permit, so plan ahead. Most trips are from April to October.

    Contact Information
    4343 North Ranch Drive
    Suite 230
    Las Vegas, NV 89130
    Phone- (702)655-6060

    The rafting package for adults starts from $329.50. Price varies depending on the package and number of person.

    Please visit – and choose your package. Then press “secure submit” and you will find the price of your desired package.

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