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    Nevada Theatre

    Nevada Theatre

    Nevada Theatre

    With a history of over hundred and fifty years, a play or movie can be made on Nevada Theatre itself. It is the oldest theatre of California. The theatre stepped into its third century. It is the venue for many theatrical performances, musical acts, high school graduations, wedding ceremonies and films. It all began in 1863. The building was a hotel named Baily House hotel. In the deadly fire that year the hotel burned down. Later when the Nevada Theatre Association was formed,

    they took over the burned building and renovated it to provide the community a theatre. The theatre was opened in 1865. The first act was a comedy called Dutch Governor. In 1909 decision was made to turn the theatre into a movie house. They remodelled the place and until 1950 the house was primarily used for that purpose. Later in 1958 the emergence of television and economic reasons forced the association to close down the movie house. It was opened again in 1963. Thanks to The Nevada County Liberal Arts Commission, now known as The Nevada Theatre Commission. They raised the funds and did other necessary renovations to bring this place back to life. Contact information Nevada Theatre PO Box 1066 Nevada City, CA 95959 Phone-(530)265 -6161 Email- Nevada For more information visit-

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