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    Ely, the Nevada paradise

    Ely, the Nevada paradise

    Ely, the Nevada paradise

    Ely started off as a railroad town, then it was remade into a mining center and now it’s fast becoming a huge tourism attraction for a lot of people who seek beauty and serenity for their vacations. With a meager population of just around 4500, Ely promises you absolute peace of mind. Route 93 and Route 50 are two best ways to get to Ely as it is built right at their junction. Many recreational venues such as Ward Charcoal Ovens State

    Park, Cave Mountain State Park, Ward Charcoal Ovens State Park and Great Basin National Park are just an hour’s drive from Ely. Since Ely offers cheap accommodation and home-cooked dining facilities, it has fast become a base for tourists who want to explore the surrounding areas. Located in east central Nevada, the climate here is about as good as it gets anywhere else. Ely also has a host of other activities like the California National Historic Trail and the Pony Express National Historic

    Trail which are both exciting and educating. For more details on these activities please contact: 324 South State Street, Suite 200, Box 30 Salt Lake City, UT 84111 Or call at: 801-741-1012

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