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    Nevada – Protecting Nature, Promoting Green

    With an exuberating amount of natural parks, lakes, canyons and scenery, Nevada is a Mecca for those wanting to view the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. Citizens of this great state are striving to move to a green lifestyle, advocating environmentally sustainable methods to be used throughout the state.

    Green Nevada

    Green Nevada

    Due to a growing awareness, you can lower your carbon footprint and greatly help the environment in an easy manner. Combining tough research and political advocacy, Environment Nevada is a citizen run environmental organization seeking to produce real changes in tackling all of the state’s eco problems. Each and every human being would like clean air to breathe and crisp water to drink. It takes a lot of effort and political advocacy to achieve this on a macro level. That is what groups such as Environment Nevada focus exclusively on.

    Promoting new ways of building construction and insulation, there are new regulations being put on older methods which are now known to be harmful. Homes or buildings built before 1980 have the likelihood of containing asbestos. Exposure to this material can sometimes lead to Peritoneal Mesothelomia and Malignant Mesothelomia, two forms of cancer which attack the lungs.

    Such Nevada initiatives also prompt the need for healthier and more cost-efficient options in the world of building materials. The United Nations Environmental Program states that the use of recycled building materials, like cotton fiber insulation, on top of the installation of energy saving appliances and the maximization of natural lighting in a building, can reduce energy use energy use by 25 to 35 percent.

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