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    be-national-forest-logo-300×225.jpg” alt=”” width=”174″ height=”132″ /> The Humboltd-Toiyabe National Forest in Nevada and parts of eastern stretch of California is the largest national forest of United States, homework helpers chemistry answers out of Alaska. It envelopes 6.3million acres of land within its limit including 10 ranger districts, to be named – Austin Ranger District, Bridgeport Ranger District, Carson Ranger District, Ely Ranger District, Jarbidge Ranger District, Ruby Mountains Ranger District, Spring Mountains National Recreational Area, Santa Rosa Ranger District, and Tonopah Ranger District. The forest headquarters are in the city of Sparks in Nevada. The word “Toiyabe” is an ancient word in Shoshone language, which means “mountain”. The forest had been named after Baron Alexander von Humboldt, the German naturalist.

    The forest holds a collection of 80,000 – 100,000 pre-historical and historical sites of archeological values, ancient Euro-American roads and trails, and a grand series of pre-historic rock art.


    Humboltd-Toiyabe National Forest is of immense historical importance. The forest had been the original homeland of many Native American tribes like Western Shoshone, Washo Indians, Northern Paiute, and Sourhern Paiute. All these native tribes have their own share of legendary stories to tell which create history in itself and apparently they are all true. Archeologists rest on the fact that most of the pre-historic uses of the forest were encountered 4,500 years ago.

    The Europeans started accessing the Great Basin area in the early 17th century but it was during 19th century that full fledged settlements were encouraged and the national forest came into discern of the authorities, unearthing the great historical values attached to it.

    Humboltd-Toiyabe National Forest Campgrounds

    Scorching heat of a desert to the coolness of hills, from dry sand in one side to thick green forest and damp phone spy app water bodies, Humboltd-Toiyabe National Forest has it all for adventure. Camping at the Humboltd-Toiyabe National Forest campgrounds adds to the excitement of adventure. The 10 ranger districts count a number of campgrounds in the forest, be it in the desert zone or up the mountains. The list of the campgrounds in the different ranger districts is as followed: • Austin Ranger District 1. Big Creek Campground 2. Bob phone mobile spy Scott Campground 3. Columbine Campground 4. Kingston Campground 5. San Juan Cua Campground 6. Toquima Cave Campground Bridgeport Ranger District 1. Bootleg Campground 2. Buckeye Campground 3. Chris Flat Campground 4. Crags Campground 5. Desert Creek Campground 6. Honeymoon Campground 7. Leavitt Meadows Campground 8. Lower Twin Lake Campground 9. Lower Virginia Creek Primitive Campground 10. Upper Virginia Creek Primitive Campground 11. Obsidian Campground 12. Paha CampgroundRobinson Creek Campground 13. Sonora Bridge Campground 14. Trumbull Lake Campground Carson Ranger District 1. Crystal Springs Campground 2. Hope Valley Campground 3. Kit Carson Campground 4. Lookout Campground 5. Markleeville Campground 6. Mt. Rose Campground 7. Silver Creek Campground • Ely Ranger District 1. East Creek Campground 2. Timber Creek Campground 3. Ward Mountain Campground • buy customized essays Jarbidge Ranger District 1. Pine Creek Campground1 2. Sawmill Campground Mountain City Ranger District 1. Big Bend Campground 2. Jack Creek Campground 3. Wildhorse Crossing Campground • Ruby Mountains Ranger District 1. Big Bend Campground 2. Jack Creek Campground 3. Wildhorse Crossing Campground • Santa Rosa Ranger District 1. Big Bend Campground 2. Jack Creek Campground 3. Wildhorse Crossing Campground Spring Mountain National Area Eco Unit 1. Dolomite Campground 2. Fletcher View Campground 3. Hilltop Campground 4. Kyle Canyon Campground 5. Mcwilliams Campground • Tonopah Ranger District 1. Peavine Creek Campground 2. Pine Creek Campground


    Fishing : motorized boats are forbidden in the lakes and ponds but fishing on rowing boats can be done. Twin Lakes, Angel Lake, Owyhee River, and other river side areas allow fishing abiding by all the rules. For reservations of fishing sites and further details about fishing in the forests rivers and ponds please log into

    Picnicking : Bird Creek Group picnic site, Powerhouse group picnic site, Terraces picnic site, and Foxtail group picnic sites are great places for a day’s escape amidst nature. For reservations of the picnic sites please log into Sports Of Winter : Skijoring, snowboarding, skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing can all be enjoyed in Timber Creek campground, Ward Mountain campground, Bird Creek group picnic site, Las Vegas Snow & Ski Resort, Foxtail group picnic site, and Lamoille snowmobile trails are open to all for sporting winter activities and much more. For further details on the winter sports please log into Hiking : Backpacking, horse riding, hiking and camping are done in Lower Bluster campground, Pine Creek campground 1, Pavlak campground, Urdah 1 campground, Upper Bluster campground, Snowslide Gulch trailhead, Sawmill campground, Camp Draw trailhead, Angel Lake picnic site, Smith Lake trailhead, Thomas Canyon campground, Soldier Basin trailhead, Krenka trail, North Loop trail, and South Loop trail. For further details on hiking and camping please log into


    The permit fees for Humboltd-Toiyabe National Forest are used for the forest conservation and maintenance of the basic amenities for the visitors. Entries for persons of 15years of age and under that age are free. Interagency Annual Pass costs $80. Lifetime Interagency Senior Pass for the senior citizens of United States aged above 62years costs $10. For further details about passes and permits please log into Humboltd-Toiyabe National Forest is a great place for all sorts of adventures under every possible landscape, and a brilliant escape destination from the daily drag of civilization.

    Contact Details

    Address : Humboltd-Toiyabe National Forest, 1200 Franklin Way, Sparks, Nevada 89431 Phone : (775) 331-6444 Fax : (775) 355-5399 Official Website :