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    Nevada State College – Location, Faculty, Nursing, Campus, Bookstore, Admissions and Contact Details

    Nevada State College

    The Nevada State College situated at Henderson, is an incredible institution that aims to take education to the next level. This college was opened in the year 2002. It is built on an enormous campus covering 509 acres.

    Nevada State College Henderson is known for its small classes which include approximately 15 students foster an excellent learning environment allowing students to expand their horizons of knowledge.

    NSC celebrates education as a significant and indispensable part of our lives. It aspires towards building confident individuals ready to face the real world and make the most out of life. The institution is proud to present a student body comprising of 2000 students and 800 plus alumni excelling all over the world.

    This educational institution forms a part of the Nevada System of Higher Education(NSHE). Its controversial location next to a toxic waste yard was a matter of environmental concern.

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    The prime campus of the Nevada State College is situated at Henderson in Nevada. It is only fifteen miles away from Las Vegas Strip.

    The Henderson campus can be reached via 215 East or 95 South.

    Nevada State College Programs and Majors

    The Nevada State College in Henderson NV offers exciting programs to students, designed in a manner that suits them best. Students are offered an array of over 24 bachelor’s degree majors to choose from. The best part is that students can opt to go for an in- depth concentration simultaneously with the major subjects. For example students of Elementary Education can prefer a concentration either in Special Education or Bilingual Education.

    Moreover with the Integrated Studies degree, students are bestowed with the power to design their majors making it as unique as themselves. At NSC you can pursue your major comprising of a combination of two degree subjects. The choice of subjects is entirely dependent upon a student’s field of interest. The particular major can be accompanied with several minor subjects that again are preferred according to the student.


    Nevada State College at Henderson has an outstanding faculty with the most experienced and dedicated staff. The latest IPEDS Diversity report declares that the college’s regular faculty of ethnic/ racial minorities is 34.2%. The percentage value is by far the highest throughout the Nevada System of Higher Education institutions.

    By the 10th of May 2008, NSC was slowly evolving from a small college to a one that was growing rapidly. The College had an estimated number of 2000 students at that period.

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    School of Nursing

    The Nevada State College Nursing offers a four year bachelors degree for aspiring students to build a career in nursing. This degree course is also open for those students who have completed RN degrees.

    The school has an excellent nursing faculty helping students to understand the basic essence of nursing which evolves around compassion and care. Motivating students to acquire professional nursing practice, the School of Nursing defines the mission of the School. It is no wonder that The Nevada State College School of Nursing produces professionals who are honorable, skilled, dedicated and confident.

    Every semester, the regular BSN track takes 24 new students e while the part time BSN track takes 16 new students. 24 new students are taken by the accelerated BSN track every Fall. RNs are encouraged to apply at any time.

    Students are also encouraged to attain the five year degree in Occupational Therapy that is also facilitated by the School of Nursing. The Institution having tie ups with major hospitals and clinics, offers excellent hands on opportunities to students in areas of their particular interests.

    The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education has accredited the NSC School of Nursing. It has also acquired complete approval from the Nevada State Board of Nursing.

    For more information on the programs and majors offered by the School of Nursing, you can always visit the official website.

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    The sprawling 509 acres campus was contributed to the Nevada State College by the US Congress, under the Clark County Conservation of Public Land and Natural Resources Act of 2002.

    The magnificent campus brought about an enormous increase in the enrollment of the college. August 2008, also saw the opening of the Liberal Arts and Science building. The massive 42000 square foot building is known to be the first permanent one belonging to the institution. It houses several labs, faculty offices and seven classrooms offering excellent technologies and scientific equipments.

    Nevada State College Bookstore

    The Nevada State College Bookstore is an integral part of the Nevada State College community. This bookstore is far more interesting than an ordinary bookstore and has a variety of gift items, Nevada State logo apparels, world famous books etc to offer. Moreover additional sales tax is entirely excluded from these commodities.

    Nevada State College Admissions

    The process of application is very simple and so are the admission requirements. Students can apply online or via a printed application. You can look forward to an ease of affordable tuitions and numerous financial aid options that are offered by the Institution.

    For more information on the admission procedures please visit the official website.

    Contact Details

    Nevada State College

    1125 Nevada State Drive

    Henderson, NV 89002

    Telephone Number: (702) 992-2000

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